EXPOSED: Home Skin Tag & Mole Removal System

Why you no longer have to suffer unattractive moles or skin tags.

Some moles look good (think Cindy Crawford) and some moles don't. Some can be referred to as "beauty marks," but most are really "blemishes," distracting from your attractiveness and making you self-conscious.

Do you ever wonder if people are listening to you... or just staring at your moles or skin tags?

Do you choose your clothes based on the location of your moles or skin tags because they make you feel ugly?

Or... Do people ever tell you that "You should get that checked out!"?

If so you're probably dealing with a mole or skin tag that isn't cute... And you're not alone because unfortunately, the bad ones seem to outnumber the good. And let's face it: If you're unlucky enough to have unsightly skin tags or moles on your face, neck, or body, you have two choices:

1. Get rid of them... OR:
2. Learn to love them.

The Cost of Getting Moles & Skin Tags Surgically Removed is Expensive

Nobody wants to live with moles or skin tags that they find ugly.

So why do we keep these things on our face and body?

Well, until now most people thought surgery was their only option, but suffering through a painful procedure that involves cutting or burning made this option unattractive.

And let's not forget, most surgical procedures almost always end with a scar often worse than the mole itself. Have a look below and see for yourself...

And what about the price?

Did you know the average cost for removal surgery is $300?!

That's right...

The average cost ranges from $100 to $500 and depends on a number of factors including shape, size and location on the body. Larger ones cost more to remove. Ones in highly visible areas must be removed more delicately, which results in a higher price.

Now for those who are desperate enough may find all this acceptable...

But most of us don't want to suffer through the pain, cost and embarrassment of surgery; and unfortunately we just learn to live with our unwanted moles or skin tags no matter how much they bother us.

Fortunately, that's no longer the case with SkinCell.

In as little as 3 days, this painless alternative to traditional surgery lets you take care of them by yourself -in the privacy of your own home. PLUS: You'll save hundreds of dollars!

Maybe you've been trying to "embrace" your moles and see them as beautiful, after all, Jennifer Lawrence and Gigi Hadid are both known for showing off their moles with no shame, but rumor has it that's only after removing the ones they didn't like.

But let's face it... Celebrities have access to the greatest cosmetic surgeons in the world and can afford to pay the extremely high prices these doctors charge.

But if embracing your moles or paying high priced surgeons isn't going to work for you, this new, affordable and painless solution is a game-changer.

Final Thoughts

There is no cutting, burning, or lasers... no risk of a large surgical scar that's worse than the mole. If you are thinking of removing a unwanted mole or skin tag, SkinCell is by far safest and most convenient method of mole and skin tag removal. Its painless, quick, discreet and by far a much more affordable mole and skin tag removal option.

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  • Tohloria Lewis
    I have used on two moles so far. All I can say is WOW! This cream really works as advertised.
  • Tanya Porquez
    I saw this story on CNN a while ago and took steps into trying this product out. I've been using for about 2 wks and I have removed almost all my skin tags. Honestly, this is unbelievable, all I have to say is Thank You!
  • Jennifer Jackson Mercer
    After just 2 weeks my skin is skin tag free. I LOVE THIS STUFF! I'v signed been recommending it to all my friends and family!
  • Katy Barrott
    This cream works like magic. My husband used it to remove a giant mole on his back. It was gone in 8hrs!
  • Amanda Gibson
    Thanks to , I feel so much more confident in my appearance. I can Finally wear spaghetti straps! YAY!
  • Julie Keyse
    probably I'm a bit older than most of you folks. but this product worked for me too! LOL! I can't say anything more exciting.Thanks for your inspirations!
  • Sarah Williams
    My sister started using a few months ago. Before she was going to the dermatologist weekly to get her moles mapped. Now she just removes them at home!
  • Kirsten Bauman Riley
    I'm going to give this product a chance to work its magic on me. I've tried everything out there and so far nothing has been good enough to help me.
  • Celia Kilgard
    worked for me! I worked just like I thought it would. It was easy enough and I just want others to know when something works.
  • Alanna 'martin' Payne
    Thanks for the info, just ordered mine.
  • Alice Chang
    My mole is an embarrassing place. This sounded like a God send. Just ordered to try it out!
  • Mark Fadlevich
    Always impressed with the products you guys dig up. Can't wait to see what you've got lined up next week.
  • Amanda Hickam
    I just placed my order. I can't wait to to remove these pesky skin tags!! Thanks xoxoxo.
  • Brittany Jackson
    My mom just e-mailed me this, a friend at work had told her about it. I guess it works really well
  • Shellie Wilson Hodge
    Telling all my friends about this, thanx for the info
  • Jill Phongsa
    wasn't sure about ordering online but this deal seals it for me, didn't want to miss out. checked out the page and all is encrypted and good. looking forward to my new look.
  • Molly Murley Davis
    I've gone ahead and placed an order. I can't wait to get started and see what happens.
  • Jenna Ponchot Bush
    As a realtor it's important to look and feel my best, so skin tags on my eye lids was a big no no. keeps me looking good and on top of my game. Highly recommended.
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  • Gotmy Mindframe Right
    Had no idea you could remove moles at home yourself and get results like this.